Imredi digital-platform
Product catalog
In the Product Catalog section, you can view the added products, view information on them, import or export the list.

To import data, the file must match the pattern.
product_code - product code, unique value. If during import it turns out that there is already a product with such a code, then the data in the old product card will be replaced

product_name - product name

barcode - barcode

KVI - whether the product is a KVI, in this column only values 0 or 1 (0 - no, 1 - yes)
category - category

brand - brand name. There must be no spaces at the end of the name!
To add one product, you need to click the green Add Product button. In the new window fill in all the required information Product code and name are required fields.
Product categories
In this section, you can manually add categories. When importing goods through a file, new categories are created automatically
Monitoring lists
In the section monitoring lists, you can create a new list or edit an old one. These lists are used in audits, it is possible to check for quantity, price, appearance or availability on the shelf.

Lists can be created and edited manually or through import.
When importing data through a file, it is important to fill it in correctly.
checklist - list name
product_code - product code
order - number
delete - if you want to delete a product from the list, you must put 1, if not, leave the field empty or 0
When creating or editing a monitoring list manually, you select products from the product catalog, and use the arrows to adjust its position in the list.
After making changes to the list, the block in the audit will be updated automatically after 20 minutes or immediately after you put the audit through the WEB interface